How to save up money for larger purchases?


It is believed, that it is possible to save up money for bigger or smaller purchases only when in the end of each month there are reserve funds from whom some quantum of money can be put down for desirable products or services. However, it is not truth – everything depends on your goals and priorities. Even if your salary is low, it is possible to put down a little for realization of your desire – you do not have to earn several thousands and there is no need for reserve funds in the end of month to save up some money. At first it may seem like a drop in the ocean, but during a period of time you will save up the necessary amount.

If you truly want to buy that thing, put down a little money for it. It does not have to be a big amount of money – it can be the minimum amount that you can afford, because it is better to put down something, rather than nothing. It may seem funny and even silly, but only by saving up we can save up money. Some of you may say, that you do not have any money in the end of the month, but I will say – do not eat that meal in restaurant or take a bus to work instead of car, and in the end of the month you will have reserve money. Of course, the bigger amount of money is needed, the more time should be given for saving up – it is just logical.

Firstly, it is hard to put down some money when there is nothing to put down, because everything is spent. However, saying that you do not have anything to put down is like saying that you do not have a time – there is always time, everything depends on goals and priorities it is spent for. The same refers to money. Secondly, it is hard to save up some money because of lack of patience – a lot of people think: “If I cannot save up money for my purchase within 3 months, it is not worth doing this”.

Basing on observed problems, I have to say that saving up is not a matter of finances, but a matter of psychological preparedness and resistance, therefore, at first it is necessary to arm yourselves with patience and to remind yourselves for what purpose you started to save up your money. In the beginning put down 1 lari – funny, you will say, but I will say – it is better than nothing! If you feel that you can put down the bigger amount of money, do this – this will shorten your way to the purpose. You can put down different amount of money each month, basing on your monthly income and expenses, but always remember to put at least the minimum amount that you can afford. Sooner or later, depending on the amount of money, you will reach your goal – I promise!